Büyükelçinin Mesajı

I assumed the duty of the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Croatia as of 1 October 2017.

Turkey’s relations with Croatia, with whom we share a rich common history and cultural heritage, bears importance not only for our countries and peoples, but also in terms of maintaining/enhancing the peace and security in our region.

With the visit of H.E. Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey on 26-27 April 2016, our relations have gained a new momentum. We will endeavour to intensify the high level visits between our two countries in the coming period.

Our primary goal is to keep furthering our economic, political and cultural relations, which have been improving in all fields lately. Turkish investments in Croatia have also increased steadily. They focus on tourism, banking, transportation and energy sectors. Further diversification of Turkish investments in various sectors is also among our targets.

In addition, due to her geographical location, Croatia is also important for our citizens living in various European countries travelling to Turkey via land route every year, and for Turkish transporters for delivering our export products to European markets. In this regard, one of the priorities of our Embassy is ensuring the passage of our citizens and trucks from Croatia without any problems.

It is our firm belief that the friendship and mutual understanding between Turkish and Croatian societies will reach to the highest level with the continuing contribution of the citizens of both countries. We, the members of the Embassy, are here to support their efforts as well as to further develop the relations between Turkey and Croatia.

I avail myself of this opportunity to extend the best wishes/sincere regards of all the Embassy staff and myself.

M. Babür Hızlan



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